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Thursday, June 11, 2009

PSC Questions and Answers

Posted by Sarjukottapuram

1. Permanent settlement of Bengal was introduced by Lord Cornwallis in the year
a) 1793
b) 1784
c) 1773
d) 1799
Ans: a

2. Which among the following places is known for rock-cut temples, monolithic figures, shore temple and Ratha temples?
a) Madurai
b) Mamallapuram
c) Khajuraho
d) Halebid

3. Which among the following is an example of concurrent list?
a) Banking
b) Land Revenue
c) Public order
d) Police

4. The central Drug Research Institute of India is located in
a) Bangalore
b) Chennai
c) Lucknow
d) Delhi

5. The term ‘Caddie’ is associated with
a) Billiadrs
b) Golf
c) Boxing
d) None of these

6. In a nuclear reactor the material used for absorbing neutrons is
a) Zinc
b) Radium
c) Lead
d) Cadmium

7. Which among the following news paper is published from Moscow?
a) Pravada
b) Merdeka
c) Dawn
d) People’s Daily

8. The book ‘Half a Life’ written by
a) Pearl Buck
b) V.S.Naipaul
c) Edwared Gibbon
d) Manju Kapoor

9. Who was the Defense Minister of India during the India-China war of 1962?
a) Gulzarilal Nanda
b) Jagjivan Ram
c) V.K.Krishna Menon
d) None of them
10. What is the medical term used for the sleeplessness?
a) Hallucination
b) Insomnia
c) Somnambulism
d) None of these

11. Which one of the following is an example of sedimentary rocks?
a) Loess
b) Basalt
c) Granite
d) Gabbro

12. What does ECS in banking transactions stand for?
a) Electronic Clearing Service
b) Exchange Clearing Service
c) Excess Credit Supervisor
d) Extra Cash Service

13. The Ad line ‘Connecting People’ is linked with
a) Sony Ericson
b) Motorola
c) Nokia
d) Airtel

14. Vulcanization of rubber is carried out by adding
a) Sulphur
b) Carbon
c) Phosphorus
d) None of these

15. Who were the aboriginal natives of Orrissa?
a) Todas
b) Mundas
c) Nagas
d) Santhals

16. Which is known as ‘Land of Golden Fleece’?
a) Scotland
b) Australia
c) Norway
d) Canada

17. Which is the basic functional and structural unit of the nervous system?
a) Spinal cord
b) Hormones
c) Neuron
d) None of these

18. Who is considered as the custodian of public purse in India?
a) Comptroller and Auditor General
b) Finance Minister
c) Finance Secretary
d) Attornery General

19. The next Olympic Games will be held in 2012 in
a) Beijing
b) London
c) Newyork
d) None of these

20. Setting of plaster of paris involves which among the following processes?
a) Dehydration Process
b) Reduction Process
c) Oxidation Process
d) None of these