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Sunday, June 14, 2009

PSC Exam Question and Answers set 2

Posted by Sarjukottapuram

1. What is bebop?

a) Cinema b) Music c) Drama d) Sport

2. Saint Thomas Becket was famous as Archbishop of………..
a) London b) Newyork c) Canterbury d) Paris

3. Who made famous Gettysburg address?
a) Shakespeare b) Lincoln c) Bush d)Julius Caesar

4. Which town was well known as acropolis?
a) Paris b) London c) Athens d) Cairo

5. Which country is land locked among the following?
a) India b) China c) America d) Afghanistan

6. Which country was also called as Albion?
a) Spain b) Portugal c) America d) Great Britain

7. Albrecht Durer was famous as ………….
a) Poet b) Painter c) Singer d) Scientist

8. Which branch of modern Maths means the resolution in Arabic?
 a) Calculus b) Geometry c) Algebra d) Fuzzy

9. Alhambra is historic city in …….
a) France b) Italy c) Spain d)China

10. Boston Tea Party (1773) was part of ……..
a) French Revolution b) American Revolution c) Russian Revolution d) Spanish Revolution

11. Andorra is country in……
a) Europe b) Asia c) Africa d) Australia

12. Which continent is famous as the white continent?
a) Africa b) Asia c) North America d) Antarctica

13. Which continent has a coastline of 17,968 kms?
a) Asia b) Africa c) Australia d) Antarctica

14. Which famous scientist and Mathematician lived between 287-212 BC?
a) Euclid b) Archimedes c) Bhaskaracharya d) Aryabhatta

15. Who founded Lyceum?
a) Socrates b) Plato c) Aristotle d) Aesop

16. Robert Jarvik is credited with the invention of
a) TV b) Camera c) Artificial heart d) Mobile phone

17. ‘Courage is grace under pressure’ who made this famous remark?
a) Homer b) G.B. Shaw c) Shakespeare d) Ernest Hemingway

18. Who was the famous Buddhist emperor who won the battle of Kalinga?
a) Kanishka b) Asoka c) Bindusara d) Chandragupta II

19. Where is the Great Barrier Reef?
a) Australia b) Africa c) Asia d) Antarctica

20. Which famous descendent of Tawerlane founded the mogul (Mughal) empire?
a) Akber b) Babur c) Jahangir d) Shajahan

21. Who was the founder of ancient city Babylon?
a) Zeus b) Nimrod c) Alexander the great

22. Which Spanish adventure discovered Panama?
a) Columbus b) Balboa c) Ferdinand d) Cabot

23. Which country controls Bermuda?
a) UK b) Australia c) China d) America

24. Big Bang Theory Explains…..
a) Evolution of man b) Origin of Universe c) Origin of Sound d) Origin of Computers

25. Which disease was known as ‘Black Death’?
a) TB b) Tetanus c) AIDS d) Plague

1. b) 2. C) 3. b) 4. C) 5. d) 6. d) 7. b) 8. C) 9.c) 10.b)
11.a) 12.d) 13.d) 14.b) 15.c) 16.c) 17.d) 18.b) 19.a) 20.b)
21.b) 22.b) 23.a) 24.b) 25.d)


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